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About Goodal

Brand Specialty _ Good + All

Unique Ingredients, ‘Amazon Wild Plants’

Goodal’s key ingredients such as Murumuru Seed, Andiroba seed,  Brazil Nut Seed, Cupuacu, Acaiberry,  Maca, Cacao, Yerba mate , African Walnut, Brazil Orange, are from one of the world’s greatest natural resources, Amazon rain forest.  

 Skin friendly formulation  

 Naturally derived ingredients. Exclude or reduce the chemical ingredients  harmful to skin and threatening to environment.  All products are Paraben free, Synthetic fragrance  free, Synthetic dye free, and SLS free. 

Beauty secret of ancient wisdom

Goodal developed scientific formulations by the insight from  traditional beauty secret of Amazon Indians for a long time .


Brand Philosophy

Goodal seeks to care and cure skin troubles actively by special ingredients of Amazon wild plants By ‘Wild Phyto Power’, your skin will be reborn powerful and energetic


Origin_ Baptismal ceremony of Amazon Tribe 

Deep in Amazon, a native tribe Chama has a sacred ceremony ‘Goodal’ for a new baby of the tribal leader wishing his health and tribe’s prosperity 

Brand Personality_Wild Phyto Power

New skin care brand inspired by the 9 special plants of sacred ceremony ‘Goodal’, desires to provide wild phyto power for the healthy and beautiful skin